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VenoSeal — Adjustable Constriction Loop for Reliable Erections

Are Your Erections Not Lasting As Long?

Venous Leak is a condition where the veins in the penis do not keep the blood in the penis during an erection.  Men with this condition may not have a problem getting an erection, but because the blood does not stay in the penis, maintaining the erection can be difficult.


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Adjustable Tension



A Product That Really Works

“The VenoSeal works exactly as described.  In certain positions, I lose firmness. The VenoSeal is just enough pressure to keep my full erection in all positions.”

Age 52

“I started with early signs of ED a few years ago, I tried rings, but I don’t need that much tension. The VenoSeal is easy to apply, comfortable and my partner isn’t bothered by it at all.  No lubricant needed.”

Age 40

How does the VenoSeal work?

The VenoSeal ™ is an Adjustable Constriction Loop that is placed and tightened at the base of the penis.  With proper tension, the VenoSeal ™ device will be comfortable to the user and partner, but also provide enough additional pressure to maintain a strong erection.

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