Treatment for Premature Ejaculation

Clinically Proven to Make Sex Last Longer

PREBOOST is a disposable, pre-moistened wipe that uses a safe, highly effective topical anesthetic to produce a subtle desensitization of the skin.

Slightly desensitizing the penis slows down a man’s sexual response without interfering with pleasure or orgasm. Unlike creams or sprays, a PREBOOST wipe is easy to apply and does not create a mess. This superior method of application allows a man to control the amount of product he uses, and apply it only to the parts of his penis that work best for him. PREBOOST comes in handy, easy to carry, single-use packets about the size of a condom package.


Dr. Fisch, the creator of PREBOOST®, has been named

One of the Best Doctors in America!

He is a Clinical Professor of Urology and Reproductive Medicine at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Medical College of Cornell University.
  • Easy to Apply. No Mess
  • Prolongs Intimacy
  • Doctor Recommended
  • FDA Compliant
  • 100% No Questions Asked Guarantee
  • Works Extremely Fast
  • Portable, Hygienic, Disposable
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Does Not Interfere with Orgasm

Lidocaine vs. Benzocaine

Why Benzocaine?

The active ingredient in PREBOOST wipes is benzocaine, which is also the active ingredient in many over-the- counter painkillers. Lidocaine and benzocaine are both topical anesthetics, but Dr. Fisch believes that benzocaine is a much better choice for helping men prolong sex.

Reduced Sensitivity vs. Numbness

PREBOOST uses a 4% benzocaine formulation that works fast – minutes after application. At higher doses, benzocaine can cause numbness, but at 4% it merely reduces sensitivity to help a man last longer.

Benzocaine Stays Where You Put It

PREBOOST won’t stain clothing or bedding. It can be used with a condom, and it has no scent. It won’t affect your ability to have an orgasm. Dr. Fisch recommends that after application, wait a few minutes and then use a wet washcloth to wipe off your penis, so that PREBOOST won’t transfer to your partner.

Problems with Lidocaine

A few years ago, the American Society of Dermatologic Study published an article on topical anesthetics. The authors of this article concluded that, when Lidocaine is used, special attention should be paid to the particular location it’s applied to, the amount of skin covered, and the length of contact.

This article also mentions “eutectic” (low melting point) mixtures, which permit higher concentrations of anesthetic to be applied to the skin. According to Dr. Fisch, eutectic premature ejaculation products are overkill. Men don’t need the “maximum absorption rate” that eutectic and water-soluble products provide, because these products absorb too deep under the skin and affect more nerves than necessary. The same thing goes for desensitizing products that are “water-soluble” (capable of dissolving in water).

An FDA-Approved Solution

Over-the- counter male genital desensitizing drug products have had FDA approval since June 1993, so there’s been plenty of time to find out if they work and whether they’re safe. And men have been using PREBOOST male desensitizing wipes to help them have longer and better sex.

Clinical Data

“Men treated with PREBOOST® reported a statistically significant better sense of ejaculation control, confidence, satisfaction, sexual pleasure, length of intercourse and reduced frustration.”


PREBOOST Clinical Study & Data

An independent, double-blind, randomized, controlled clinical study was conducted by Jed Kaminetsky, M.D., Medical Director at Manhattan Medical Research, Clinical Assistant Professor of Urology at New York University Medical Center, and practicing urologist with University Urology Associates; Michael Yang, Clinical Research Coordinator at Manhattan Medical Research and University Urology Associates; Michael Perelman. M.D., Clinical Professor Emeritus of Psychology in Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College; and, Ridwan Shabsigh, M.D., Professor of Urology at Weill Cornell Medical College, and  President of the International Society of Men’s Health.  The clinical study was supported by Veru Inc..

The top results of the interim analysis from 21 men show:

  • After two months, men treated with PREBOOST® had statistically significant improvement in their ability to control ejaculation, with a mean increase in duration of almost four minutes, which was significantly greater than men on placebo. After treatment with PREBOOST, 80% of men were no longer considered to have PE.
  • Men treated with PREBOOST® reported a statistically significant better sense of ejaculation control, confidence, satisfaction, sexual pleasure, length of intercourse and reduced frustration.
  • PREBOOST® was well tolerated and no transference was reported.
  • The interim clinical study met the primary endpoint of change in average intravaginal ejaculatory latency time (IELT) at two months and secondary outcomes of change in questionnaire assessments, such as global rating of distress, medication assessment, and Index of Premature Ejaculation (IPE).
  • These interim analysis results show that PREBOOST® improved both objective and subjective symptoms of PE compared to placebo.

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